Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

A Guide To Wholesale Mink Eyelashes! What You NEED To Know Before Buying Heated or Non Heated Eyelash Curlers

Our eyes are not just used to see the beautiful world around us, but are also are one of the most intriguing features of the human body. This is why so many women go to extreme lengths to enhance the look of their eyes, whether it be applying additional false lashes or even the use of eyelash lengthening mascara to give a longer eyelash appearance. The use of eyelash curlers is another way to increase the appearance of length to your lashes but whether to use heated or non heated eyelash curlers can be a difficult question to ask yourself. Here we compare the some of the benefits and pitfalls of heated and non heated eyelash curlers to help you decide Wholesale Mink Eyelashes.

Heated eyelash curlers come with many benefits which can help you get the perfect lash curl. Arguably the best benefit they have to offer is that it makes the curling process easier and your lash curl last longer. It is the heated element of the curler which allows you to easily curl your lashes without the need to hold the clamp down for long periods of time, saving you time and unnecessary pressure on your lashes. Also, just like if you were to curl your hair using a hair straightener or a curling tong, because you are using heat, your eyelash curl will hold for increasingly longer periods of time compared to non heated lash curlers, helping you to show off your beautiful eyes without having to worry how they look.

This is an important factor as when using non heated lash curlers, many people can damage their eyelashes by holding down the clamp on their lashes for increased lengths of time, leading to their lashes either being pulled out or falling out due to the stress of continuous clamping. Additional benefits to using heated lash curlers are that they are operated by double A or triple A batteries, allowing you to easily keep them charged up and ready to use as well as being small enough to pop into your bag, allowing you to conveniently use it on the move Wholesale Mink Eyelashes.

Non heated eyelash curlers are the original but not outdated devices which help give you a stunning lash curl. There are a number of benefits which this device gives you when trying to obtain a beautiful eye look with the first benefit being that it is ready to use straight away without the need of any additional devices. Unlike heated eyelash curlers which require double A or even triple A batteries, you can pop your non heated lash curler into your bag and whip it out whenever you need it, not having to worry whether you have a dead battery or if it has any mechanical faults which could severely harm your lashes or even your eye itself. This has been a big worry among  many people who have been skeptical of using heated eyelash curlers as its use may lead you to burn your eyelids, your lashes or sometimes even your eyeballs. Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Although this may happen, many heated lash curlers do have a protective pad to protect your eyelids, but you still have to be very careful.

Heated and Non Heated Eyelash curlers both have their benefits but also their pitfalls. Hopefully this review has helped you decide which eyelash curlers are the best for you.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—snow is falling, Christmas lights glow through frosty windows, and holiday party season is in full swing. But cozy festivities aren’t the only things riding in on the air this winter. Falling temperatures and humidity levels can wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and even mink lashes. Dry skin and hair can disrupt the lash growth cycle, causing lashes to shed prematurely and grow more slowly than usual. Plus, the cold, dry air can zap lashes of their moisture, making them brittle. So keep mink lashes in good health this season by practising these winter-care tips.

Whether you’re a multivitamin kind of person, or eat leafy greens like they’re going extinct, make sure you’re incorporating D, B, and E vitamins into your regimen this winter. Some dieticians claim that Vitamin B12 strengthens hair, while Vitamin D has recently been linked to hair growth. All three are known to promote skin and hair health, and should give mink lashes the boost they need to survive the dry, frosty days. Talk to your doctor about adding D, B, and E vitamins into your diet, and the right dosage for you.

When the humidity drops below 80%, there’s only one cure—moisturizer and lots of it. But if you are moisturizing around the eyes, make sure to check the ingredients. Oil, glycerin, and wax are your mink lashes’ worst enemies, breaking down adhesive bonds and causing your extensions to pop off. To keep your sets fuller longer, use only oil-free products within the orbital bone. If your moisturizer is oil-based, no problem. Just keep it away from your eyes.

Schedule regular fills with your lash artist (every 2-3 weeks) to keep your sets party-ready all season long. At your fill appointments, your lash artist doesn’t just apply extensions to new lashes, she or he removes and replaces any overgrown or twisted mink lashes, increases fullness with capping (ask your lash artist about this!), and monitors mink lashes health. If you are experiencing any seasonal shedding, premature loss of extensions, or stress on the natural lashes, mink lashes factory artist can let you know wholesale Mink Eyelashes.

There’s nothing like a dip in a hot tub or a ten-minute steam to chase the winter chill from your bones. And while hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms are safe for use with mink lashes, you should avoid touching your eyes while you’re using them. Extreme heat can soften the adhesive bonds, and rubbing your eyes while the bonds are relaxed can cause mink lashes to pop off. Don’t worry though, as long as your steer clear of touching mink lashes, mink lashes won’t experience any side effects from the heat; your set will be back to normal as soon as your lashes cool down again wholesale Mink Eyelashes.