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Difference Between Classic mink Lashes and Russian Volume mink Lashes Classic lashing is the art of skillfully applying one single synthetic eyelash extension, to one isolated natural lash Factory Mink Eyelashes.

There are different types of mink Lashes. Some are absolutely genuine real mink, some synthetic and some faux mink or silk extensions. All can be wonderful when used properly. A lot of different factors go into applying classic lash extensions correctly, such as the length, curl, and diameter. Other factors such as isolation, properly adhering the lashes and using the correct amount of adhesive can greatly affect the lashes as well.

Lengths range anywhere from 3-20 millimeters — some brands carry up to sizes 24mm! Proper education is important when learning how to apply lashes. You can definitely notice the difference between someone who invests in their education and practices their hearts out, verses someone who does no Factory Mink Eyelashes.

When applying a classic or basic set of mink Lashes, you are only able to apply as many extensions as there are healthy natural lashes to your clients eyes. For some clients, this works out perfect for them, as they have thick natural lashes. But for others who may not have many lashes, or have gaps. This can be disappointing and some lash artists might think to use a thicker diameter. WRONG. Increasing the diameter of the extension will not create a fuller look. This can be damaging as well as look and feel heavy. However… there’s a new technique taking over the lashing world right now. It is known as Russian Volume Factory Mink Eyelashes.

The Russian Volume technique is a pristine method in which you are SAFELY applying anywhere from 2-6 super fine, lightweight extensions per natural lash.
Many who have heard about the new volume technique have various questions like is it safe for the natural lashes? Is it too heavy? Will it damage the natural lashes? With the Volume technique you can actually apply more lashes, using less weight. This allows you to create fuller more lush lashes. Especially for those who do not have many natural lashes. Volume lashing is indeed a technique. It is not a type of lash. You are using certain diameters for the volume technique. But it’s all about how you apply them Factory Mink Eyelashes.

With volume, you are still isolating perfectly one natural lash, but instead of applying one single classic lash, you apply a hand made “fan” or “bouquet” of thinner diameter lashes that are hand-crafted to customize the perfect weight for every single natural lash. This involves applying mink Lashes using a different application method, where 2 – 6 extremely light-weight extensions are applied to each natural lash, creating intense volume with a soft, fluffy look. We apply upwards of 200 lashes per eye, with 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D volume mink Lashes available.

As well as using less weight, and being able to customize the lengths, and how much weight goes on to each lash, this technique also allows you to use less glue. Sounds odd right? More lashes, less glue? But with the technique, you are taught to wrap the adhesive around the natural lash. All the extensions support each other and using less adhesive means less allergies, less irritations. Clients can go longer in between fills, the extensions are lighter on the natural lashes making long-term wear even more plausible. They are the longest lasting mink Lashes, allowing for individuals with even the sparsest, finest lashes to achieve considerable volume.

For those who ask – will volume mink Lashes damage my lashes? The answer is no – despite their volume and density, these Russian Volume mink Lashes are so light and so delicate, they barely place any weight on the natural lash. Known in the UK and Europe as ‘XD Volume Lashes’ – they are incredibly popular as bridal lashes, and for those who want to space their infill appointments out as much as possible.

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