False Eyelashes

Strip Eyelashes over false eyelashes, Why do I prefer false eyelashes over false eyelashes?  Let me count the ways…. false eyelashes are the new craze that’s taking over the world of cosmetics.  For the life of me, I cannot understand why.

Sure, they have less day-to-day maintenance than false eyelashes, but they are very expensive to apply, you have to see a professional in a salon to get it done, and they end up falling out and you have to get them reapplied every 3-4 weeks if you don’t want them to appear uneven!  That’s over a hundred dollars for the application and upwards of $75 to get them filled False lashes!

I don’t know about you, but I could buy years worth of high quality, beautiful false eyelash strips for that kind of money!  False mink eyelashes manufacturer are much less expensive and you can reuse certain pairs over and over, which makes them an even better bargain.  If you invest in a good quality brand of falsies, you are still spending less money than extensions and they look much better False lashes.

False eyelashes look beautiful for the first few days. But they start to fall out and become sparser as time goes on.  False eyelashes strips look perfect every time you wear them and they don’t disintegrate!  Once you get the hang of application (which takes about 3-5 minutes at home in your pajamas instead of heading to the salon for an extended session), they’re easy to put on and they look amazing.  Plus, you don’t have to deal with little fake lashes falling out all the time as they grow out False Eyelashes.

The other reason that false lashes strips are so much better than extensions is their versatility.  When you get extensions, you’re locked into your look for the 6-8 weeks that it takes for the eyelashes to completely fall out.  I don’t know about you, but I have much more style than that!

I change my look from day to day and like to spice things up if I go out at night or go on a date.  With strip false eyelashes, it’s easy to choose a more natural style for the office or hitting the farmers market, and then you can just pull them off and add some dramatic lashes for a night on the town False lashes.

At the end of the day, false eyelashes strips are less expensive (even for the high quality ones!), look better and offer a much wider range of styles than getting the more permanent false lashes.  For a much bigger bang for your buck, choose the false strips.  You’ll thank me.

It’s the question that a lot of people with very thin and short eyelashes are wondering about: Is eyelash growth even possible? Isn’t it that when you have thin eyelashes, that’s really what nature gave you and there’s no way for you to make it grow longer and thicker? The truth is, your eyelashes are just like any type of hair on your body. They grow out, they fall off, and are replaced after a couple of weeks or so. The growth cycle of our lashes are just not as noticeable as the hair on our heads, but it takes place, and you can take some steps to help your eyelash grow.

First of all, make sure that your eyelashes are properly nourished, and you do this by nourishing yourself. Eating a healthful diet rich in vitamins and minerals works wonders for your body, and in return works wonders for other parts of your body. Notice how much healthier and fuller your hair looks when you eat foods rich in protein. Your lashes will experience the same benefits if you bring more vitamins A and E into your diet.

Alternatively, you can also promote eyelash growth by directly applying vitamin E oil to your lashes. Olive oil and petroleum jelly can also help, since they can make your lashes stronger and more resilient. You can also experience eyelash growth by applying mink lashes conditioners regularly. These are formulated with nutrients that will give your lashes a boost.

Of course, if you find that absolutely nothing is happening to your eyelashes after a while, then you can probably consider relying on a little extra help, as in the use of false eyelashes. It’s a good idea to properly invest in these, instead of opting for the cheaper ones that you can attach by yourself at home. Going to an actual professional who can apply false eyelashes on you guarantees that the results will last for a month or even more, and you won’t have to deal with any glue on your lashes or having to pull out your falsies, because they fall off on their own as your real lashes grow out.

Eyelash growth isn’t something that you can rush, and you have to wait a while to see great results. But it’s worth it to exert all the effort you can to improve that state of your lashes.