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Oakley Lash Vendors is specializing in real mink strip lashes manufacturing, designing, developing and export trading wholesale mink lashes. Our real mink strip lashesis very popular in Europe and the United States, many countries in the world, the best-selling is the United States. Oakley is top class Wholesale mink Lashes Vendor mink eyelash extensions China 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Oakley Lashes Co.,LTD is engaged in 3D Mink Eyelashes line since 2005. During the past years, we are keeping on studying and developing mink eyelashes technique as well as our product quality with best mink lashes wholesale price.

Oakley 3D Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer AIM:

Qingdao Oakley Lashes Co.,LTD dedicates itself to providing high quality, No Chemical most safe mink eyelashes, More natural, More beautiful, 25-30tims reusable. Oakley only make mink strip lashes for those who are seeking quality mink fake lashes to enhance their looks.

High quality product is the foundation of survival, mink false eyelashes with Reasonable price applies for the principle of mutual benefit keeping on this mind, it make us always more efficient and reputable than the others. We sincerely welcome all of our business friends to come and visit us for a long term business relationship and get our mutual benefit by our joint effort.

To Start new lash line and built famous mink lashes brand, The BEST MINK LASHES VENDOR IS PRETTY IMPORTANT, DO YOU AGREE? We specialize in mink eyelashes manufacturing, designing, developing,luxury customized box and export trading. Continue reading to know why our mink strip lashes make your brand stronger, and make mink eyelash extensions near me business become easy and profitable.

Welcome VIP Clients for wholesale 3d eyelashes. We believe it is our big honor show you top class mink lashes vendor, we think it is also you are lucky to find us to experience World Best real mink eyelashes manufacturer mink lash bar.

To Wholesaler Mink Eyelashes Built One Class Make-Up Mink Lashes Like Lilly Lashes

Our strong design team will lead you to experience the The most advanced mink false eyelashes, leading the trend.Our top-class lashes lash extension kit will make our clients built one-class lashes brand.

Advantage Oakley Mink Lashes Vendor

1.Quality stable, Large stock

From raw material to Real Mink Lashes, Stable lead time and Stable product quality. Large stock for popular style make our clients get the restock in a short time, in case clients can sell well in a short time.

2.Valuable Raw material-mink hair

The collected high-quality mink hair is sent to the workers in the factory after being processed in four processes. In these four processes, the pure natural mink hair becomes more shiny, softer and more elastic. More realistic mink false eyelashes! The wearing experience is excellent!

Safe Mink Lashes Certificate

Safe and No Chemical Treatment Curl- physical heat treated

The most suppliers that are generally chemically treated mink hair to make it 3d effect. It will do harm to you. Chemically treatment is the cheapest and quickest way to make mink eyelashes curl. But it will do harm to you.

Our eyelashes are all heat treated by physical properties, without any chemical treatment. Our mink lashes get to 3d Effect through temperature control. Dear clients believe you have wear so many lashes, you can know some which light smell, some is strongly chemically smell.

We can confidently say that we are only one in the world has this technology, we all Have a pictorial certificate, click here to see our certificate.

With strong technical strengthen and efficient quality control, we have got CCC, CE, RoHS, C-tick and other security certificates from many countries.

Have You Wash Your Mink Lashes?

If you wear mink lashes many times, i suggest you wash the mink eyelashes to check what brand lashes is the best quality. So Wash your false eyelashes.

Wearing times Oakley lashes(25-30times, in market some lashes remark 25tims, in fact after several use, you can wash Oakley Lashes, our mink eyelash will not take off the mink hair. After water you can dry mink lash, amazing, you will find Oakley Lashes will be the same as before  3d effect Mink Lash)

 Oakley Lashes LEAD mink lashes market.

Updated mink lashes style
Our eyelash styles are constantly updated (we have a number of designers, a dedicated design team, they are constantly researching every day without fashion, and looking for inspiration to create the most popular products, which makes us the most competitive Advantages, so that we can let customers always seize the market opportunity, customers win more profits and value, we tell customers not to thank us, this is what we should do)

Leading the fashionable trendy

Oakley Lashes lead the fashionable trendy, Our designer OSCAR is the master of lashes market. In lashes Market there are some fake mink eyelashes copy from OSCAR, if you wanna original design, buy from Oakley Lashes. You will know the original beauty and original design concept.
We also have lace wig, ponytail, clip-on extension etc, they are products with same texture of hair but arranged in different way to suit customer’s preference.

Share Best Mink Lashes With Worldwide Clients

High quality eyelash: Made of 100% siberian mink fur, vivid and shiny and long lifespan. Very durable and perfect performance. Most fashionable 3D style mink fur false eyelash, full but natural looking, excellent length and width. Suitable for daily life, party and so on. Make your eyes charm and attractive

Reusable: With proper care they are reusable, you can turn to this lash over and over for a glamorous look

Convenient and safe: Easy to apply and remove, extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Never make any damage to your eyes. Can be removed by eye makeup remove

Fashion: They are easily cleaned, none fall out or miss-shape. Cross style design, make you more attractive, charming, fashion and chic, 3D style: Each pair of our 3D lashes are hand-made by our workers. Professional super soft real mink lashes give your eyes a beautiful natural lift, for an unbelievably elegant and glamorous finish to your daytime or evening look 3D

Can be trimmed: Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes. All these lashes can be cut to the suitable length and curve depending on you

Why Choose Us? 

Apart from abundant and competitively priced hair products, there are so many reasons why choose us:

1. Since 2005, we have 10 years of human hair manufacture experience;

2. Located in Qingdao Area, the factory covers 1500 square meters. Welcome to visit our factory;

3. Owning own brand “LAB. EH”;

4.260 employees, 15 senior technicians and excellent design team;

5 Over 40 exporter hair consultants, 12 after-sale service staffs;

6. Large stock: Over 10000kg in stock, can be shipped immediately.

Summary Oakley Lashes

We insist the principle of quality is the first, customer is the supreme. The virgin hair products we provided are natural hair without anything mixed and never go through chemical process.

Our products are 100% human hair, no mix, no chemical process. The retail or wholesale is effect. Bulk and sustainable stocks for your urgent demand. OEM&ODM are available. We have the steady product quality&strict quality control and professional services.

As our products are fashionable style and low price that stays current with emerging trends helps us earn growing higher and higher praise from customers around the world. Aofa believes beauty should be accessible access the board irrespective of age, irrespective or income. Our mission is to provide an outlier for beauty that transcends all barriers by providing the highest quality at the cheapest price.

We are willing to setting up business relation with you on the equality and mutual benefit. Welcome to contact with us and your enquirly will be replied at the first time.

Wholesale Real 3D Mink Eyelashes 

Oakley 3d mink eyelashes factory are made of 100% natural mink fur. These eyelashes are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals from Siberian, Russia.

Wholesale 3d mink eyelashes custom eyelashes packaging private label 3d mink lashes factory. China Mink Lashes Factory 3d mink eyelashes is new design,and the quality is higher,manufacturer silk lashes wholesale mink eyelashes,so we can fast delivery.And we can give you a discount and provide free sample.

In this process, no animals will be harmed.These 3d mink eyelashes are 100% handmade, no chemically treated or dyed,they are rich and velvet like appearance found in mink fur is totally maintained. 3d mink eyelashes are the softest hairs around the world.

Grow Your Own Amazingly Long Beautiful Eyelashes – A Review

One of the secrets of stars and exceptionally beautiful women is that they absolutely must have long, lush lashes. It makes a noticeable difference between attractive and va-va-voom knock-out gorgeous. Most of the stars have make-up artists to apply one – or even two! – sets of false lashes along with flawless makeup every day. And some even have admitted to using this secret to growing their own long, thick, gorgeous lashes.

Well, I know I don’t have a make-up artist on staff (can you imagine?) and even though I know how to apply false lashes, it’s a pain to do every day. Plus, after a short while, your own lashes start to get pulled out when removing the falsies, and you end up with worse lashes than when you started! Then you are stuck in a vicious cycle.

But there IS a way to grow your own long, lush lashes. Now, you can have this secret for yourself – every day, even without a red carpet or a make-up artist!This isn’t a dream or a magic potion…it’s something YOU can start using to have the lashes that up until now only the most beautiful women have been able to have.Too good to be true? Yeah, I thought so, too, at first. I’m not one to fall for every new product to come out, and I don’t buy things without thoroughly researching them first. So here’s what I found:

Oakleylashes is physician formulated, and it is what they call a cosmeceutical – which means it combines cosmetic ingredients with pharmaceutical ingredients to give you a safe and effective eyelash stimulating and conditioning product. It contains a prostaglandin, which is the active ingredient in Oakleylashes which is the doctor recommended (and by prescription only, and way more expensive than Oakleylashes!) eyelash stimulator.

By the way, I’ve tried Oakleylashes, for the sake of comparison, and I have to say that I prefer Oakleylashes hands down. Oakleylashes produces faster results and thicker, longer lashes, and costs less in the long run.So here’s what happened…my Mom and I both tried Oakleylashes. We figured, hey, if this works it is like liquid beauty in a bottle, so let’s give it a try.

The result? We’re both hooked.My lashes get so long they touch my glasses (which is kind of weird, but so cool!)My Mom’s lashes, ravaged by years of extensions and false lashes, grew back, longer and stronger than her natural lashes ever were.

Our lashes now curl all on their own, naturally – it literally just takes one coat of any mascara and we’re ready to go.Oakleylashes lashes improve your appearance – noticeably! Just wait until the compliments start pouring in, you’ll see what I mean!

Custom Show 3D Mink Eyelashes

Oakley Lashes Export Team:

Production Workshop:

Custom Eyelashes Boxes Pravite Label

Shipping Delivery Mink Lashes:

Frequent Question From Clients:

1: What colour are Oakley Lashes?

Oakley Lashes only come in Black.

2: Are the false lashes Re-usable & Stackable?

Yes, all the lashes are re-useable & stackable.

3: What happens if the lashes get wet?

The hand-tied synthetic lashes will be damaged and lose their shape if they’re immersed in water or other liquids.
The mink lashes can be air dried and re-curled for re-use.

4: How long does it take to apply false lashes?

On average it takes about 5 minutes to apply.

5: Can I apply mascara to the false lashes?

Yes Mascara: on hand-tied lashes only
No Mascara: on mink lashes

6: Can I curl my 3d mink lashes?

Yes, the lashes can be gently curled.

7: How do you clean false eyelashes?

False eyelashes can be cleaned with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Gently roll q-tip from bottom to top. Once they are air dried, put them back in its original box to avoid dust. Cleaning the lashes isn’t a must, but to prolong usage, its recommended.

8: Do the lashes come with glue?

No, but any drug store eyelash glue will do. We recommend the latex free glues for sensitive skin.

9: Can I return my products that I bought from Oakley Lashes online to a retail Location?

Retail locations will not accept Oakley Lashes Online purchases. Returns on products purchased in store will vary, depending on the regulations of each different retailer.

10Q: Can I return items purchased online?

You can return items purchased online with a Return Authorization Number. We will not be responsible for original shipping costs, return-shipping costs, exchange shipping costs, or customs 3d mink eyelashes factory.

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