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Oakley is a professional mink Lash Vendors and supplier, specializing in the manufacture, design, wholesale and foreign trde of real mink lashes. As a reliable mink lashes vendors, we provide first-class 3D mink lashes and mink eyelash extensions. Our products sell very well in Europe, America as well as many other countries in the world. And our products receive great and wide appeal especially in the United states.

Founded in 2005, Oakley Lashes Co, Ltd has been engaging in the business of 3D Mink Eyelashes for over 10 years. Thanks for our unremitting efforts, we have achieved high reputation and great popularity in this field. But we will never be content with our small achievement and we are working on the innovation and improvement of our technique as well as our products.

Why you have to choose us?

Oakley Lashes Co, Ltd dedicates itself to providing you best quality mink lashes at a reasonable price.

To gain long-term success and prosperity, we have to ensure the high quality of our products. Therefore, we have been putting very high demand on the quality of our products. Beside, we have invested much time and energy to improve our technique and make innovations. Given the excellent quality, our products are also very cost-effective. It’s probably the best products you can buy in the market with the same price.

If you want to buy mink lashes for individual need, choose us!  Our quality products are bound to meet your requirements and give you best experience.

If you want to start your mink lash business or you want to make you mink lashes brand a big success, the top priority for you is to find a qualified supplier of products. Congratualtions! We are just the one you are looking for. With our quality products, comprehensive and one-stop service as well as reasonable price, we are sure we can make your business easier, stronger and more profitable.

By the way, we sincerely welcome you to come and visit us. It is a great honor for us to show you our products. And you are aslo lucky to find us. We are looking forward to building a long-term cooperative relationship with you for our mutual benefits!

Curious about why we are so confident? Go on reading!

                                                        Unique Advantages of Oakley Mink Lashes

1. Best raw materials

Every pair of our mink lashes is made of real hair on the tail of Siberian minks aged between 1 to 2. Therefore, the hair is more shiny, elastic and soft than normal mink hairs. Made of best raw materials, our products can bring you best experience. Beside, the collection process of mink hairs is 100% cruelty free. So you don’t need to worry that you may hurt those lovely amniamls in your pursuit of beauty.

2. 100% handcrafted for excellent quality

To maintain the excellent quality, our mink lashes are 100% handcrafted by our skillful and experienced workers. The length and amount of hairs of each lash are strictly controlled, ensuring the high standard of quality. We have our own factory and many workers. Each worker can only make a maximum of 15 pairs of mink eyealshes one day. For us, quality is much more important than quantity.


3. Great durability

Our mink lashes are very durable and can be used repeatedly for about 25-30 times. If you buy some cheap and poor eyelashes, you are likely to encounter hair loss or distortion after using them for a few times. But if you choose us, you don’t need to worry about suh problems at all even if you have used them for many times. Beside, if they get dirty, you can directly put them in water to wash. After they dry, the 3d effect would still remain perfect.

4 No chemicals and 100% safe

No chemicals are used during the manufacture of our products. In order to create 3d effect at a low price, some suppliers in the market would resort to the use of chemicals. However,mink lashes treated with chemicals usually carry a pungent smell. And a long-term contact with these chemcials may cause allergies, irritation or even increase the risk of getting cancer. Unlike these suppliers, we have developed our unique technique (strictly controlling the temperature and heating time) to create perfect 3d effect based on hundreds of experiments. Therefore, without chemical treatment, our products have no pungent smell and are 100% safe for customers to wear.

5. A great variety of styles for your choice

To meet various requirements of customers, we have prepared more than 100 styles of mink lashes for your choice. Some are natural; Some are mysterious; Some are bold; some are luxurious, etc. If you want to look more beautiful and charming in your daily life, you may consider our natural style; if you want to be the focus of your party, our luxurious styles are definitely your best choice; if you want to attratc more eyeballs in a bar and look more sexy, our bold styles can do you a favour. In a word, no matter what you want, we can always provide you the right. Beside, to keep up with the fashion trend, we are working on more styles. With our professional design team, our products are always in vogue or even lead the fasion trend in this field.


6. Extremely natural, beautiful and comfortable

If you try our mink lashes on, you may be surprised to find that our mink lashes can fit your eyes perfectly and it’s most comfortable and natural eyelahes you have tried.

Some suppliers, to cut the cost, would use poor raw materials and put a very low demand on the quality of products. As a result, you may find that their mink lashes would be very hard, unnatural, and uncomfortable to wear. Disgusting problems like asymmetry or hair distortion are likely to occur.

Unlike these suppliers, we pay attention to every detail. We choose best raw materials to ensure best quality. Each pair of mink lashes has to go through strict quality examination and defective ones would be picked out. What’s more, each time before we launch our new styles, we would make some samples and ask our volunteers to try them on. Based on their feedbacks and opinions, we would make further modifications and improvements. Our products wouldn’t be put on the market until the satisfaction rate reaches 98%. We have done so much just to bring best experience to customers.

7. Reasonable Price

Given the excellent quality, our products are very cost-effective. Unlike some suppliers who would use cheap materials, we dedicate ourself to improving our technique and production efficiency to cut cost while we have never thought of lowering our demand on the quality of our products. Therefore, it is probably the best product you can buy with the same price. Beside, don’t buy cheap mink eyelashes to save money. It’s our sincere suggestion. Because you would find you are wasting money instead of saving money with so many disgusting problems coming along with the low price.

What Else We Can Provide For You?

1. One-stop shopping

Beside mink eyelashes, we also supply other products like packaging boxes, eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers, etc. If you choose us, you can enjoy one-stop shopping, spare you much time and energy. And just like our high quality mink eyelashes, we also put high demand on all products we supply. It’s our solemn promise.

2. Professional Custom service

If you want to start your own brand, you need to impress customers with your unique logo and brand name. We can help you achieve it with our custom service. With the brand name or logo provided, our professional designer would customize the unique prodcuts for you.

3. Webiste-building service

If you want to make money, you have to be able to attract enough customers to buy your products. An attractive webiste will help you. We provide professional website-building service. You only need to pay 699 $ for a satisfying webiste each year. With necessary information provided, our professional designer would build an attractive webiste for you within three days. Then we will give you background information so you can operate by yourself. And don’t worry about the operation of website. As long as you kow how to send messages, you can operate your website.

4. Quick delivery

After you place your order, we would arrange the delivery of goods as soon as possible. If you order relatively small quantity, we would deliver goods immediately because we have a large stock of hot-selling goods. If you order a large quantity, we would arrange the production immediately. With more than 100 skillful and experienced workers, we boast high productivity.

5. kind after-sales service

For any questions or problems you have got after receiving our goods, you can directly contact our professional after-sales team. We are ready to solve your questions and problems anytime. And if you find any problems with our products, you can also applly for return or exchange of goods. We are confident with the quality of our goods. And we have done all we can do to spare you problems and worries. To make you satisfied is our ultimate goal.

6.Professional guidance on your marketing, transportation, etc.

If you are just a beginner, you must feel at a loss although you are ambitious to succeed. Don’t worry. We, as an experienced and professional eyelashes vendor, can offer you precious guidance and make plans for you according to your problems.

In a word, we sincerely hope that we can build a long-term cooperative relationship based on equality and mutual benefit. And I am sure we wouldn’t let you down with our quality products, professional custom service, quick delivery and kind after-sales service. We are not your choice or we are bound to be your last choice!

Welcome to contact us and your inquiry would be given an instant reply!


Wholesale Real 3D Mink Eyelashes 


Grow Your Own Amazingly Long Beautiful Eyelashes – A Review

One of the secrets of stars and exceptionally beautiful women is that they absolutely must have long, lush lashes. It makes a noticeable difference between attractive and va-va-voom knock-out gorgeous. Most of the stars have make-up artists to apply one – or even two! – sets of false lashes along with flawless makeup every day. And some even have admitted to using this secret to growing their own long, thick, gorgeous lashes.

Well, I know I don’t have a make-up artist on staff (can you imagine?) and even though I know how to apply false lashes, it’s a pain to do every day. Plus, after a short while, your own lashes start to get pulled out when removing the falsies, and you end up with worse lashes than when you started! Then you are stuck in a vicious cycle.

But there IS a way to grow your own long, lush lashes. Now, you can have this secret for yourself – every day, even without a red carpet or a make-up artist!This isn’t a dream or a magic potion…it’s something YOU can start using to have the lashes that up until now only the most beautiful women have been able to have.Too good to be true? Yeah, I thought so, too, at first. I’m not one to fall for every new product to come out, and I don’t buy things without thoroughly researching them first. So here’s what I found:

Oakleylashes is physician formulated, and it is what they call a cosmeceutical – which means it combines cosmetic ingredients with pharmaceutical ingredients to give you a safe and effective eyelash stimulating and conditioning product. It contains a prostaglandin, which is the active ingredient in Oakleylashes which is the doctor recommended (and by prescription only, and way more expensive than Oakleylashes!) eyelash stimulator.

By the way, I’ve tried Oakleylashes, for the sake of comparison, and I have to say that I prefer Oakleylashes hands down. Oakleylashes produces faster results and thicker, longer lashes, and costs less in the long run.So here’s what happened…my Mom and I both tried Oakleylashes. We figured, hey, if this works it is like liquid beauty in a bottle, so let’s give it a try.

The result? We’re both hooked.My lashes get so long they touch my glasses (which is kind of weird, but so cool!)My Mom’s lashes, ravaged by years of extensions and false lashes, grew back, longer and stronger than her natural lashes ever were.

Our lashes now curl all on their own, naturally – it literally just takes one coat of any mascara and we’re ready to go.Oakleylashes lashes improve your appearance – noticeably! Just wait until the compliments start pouring in, you’ll see what I mean!

Custom 3D Mink Eyelashes

Oakley Lashes Service Team:

Our Factory:

Custom Eyelashes Boxes with Pravite Label

Shipping of Mink Lashes:

Frequent Question from Clients:

1. What’s the colour of Oakley Lashes?

Oakley Lashes only come in black.

2. Are the false lashes Re-usable & Stackable?

Yes, all the lashes are re-useable & stackable.

3. What if the lashes get wet?

The synthetic lashes will be damaged and suffer irreversible distortion if they’re immersed in water or other liquids.
The mink lashes can regain 3d effect after they dry.

4: How long does it take to apply false lashes?

On average, it takes about 5 minutes.

5 Can I apply mascara on the false lashes?

Yes on hand-tied lashes only.
No on mink lashes.

6: Can I curl my 3d mink lashes?

Yes, the lashes can be gently curled.

7. How to clean false eyelashes?

False eyelashes can be cleaned gently with a swab and rubbing alcohol. After they dry, put them back in the box to avoid dust. Cleaning the lashes isn’t necessary. But to prolong the use, cleaning is recommended.

8. Do the lashes come with glue?

No, but any eyelash glue in drug store will do. We recommend the latex free glues for sensitive skin.

9. Can I return my products that I bought from Oakley Lashes online to a retail outlet?

Retail outlet will not accept Oakley Lashes purchased online.

10. Can I return products purchased online?

Yes. You can return products purchased online with a Return Authorization Number. We will not be responsible for original shipping costs, return-shipping costs, exchange shipping costs.

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